Fiber Backbone Pilot

Critical Communications Infrastructure: Fiber Backbone Pilot

TOP Engineers provides design services to an electric utility organization to support its critical communications infrastructure backbone. This is a multi-faceted engagement that began with a Master Plan then moved into a Pilot Phase for a demonstration of deliverables and establishment of standards.


The tasks have drawn on TOP Engineers extensive knowledge of the Electric Distribution Overhead and Underground Standards. TOP has worked with utility engineers to establish internal standards for the deployment of fiber optic cable in every aspect of their infrastructure. This includes a comprehensive Bill of Materials, establishing Design Standards, Prioritizing Routes, establishing budget requirements, and producing anticipated construction estimates. Detailed Engineering Design Packages are produced that include data from Field Surveys, Make-Ready assessments, detailed route analysis, and facility entry requirements.


TOP has completed the design of the Pilot Project and is supporting development of the program for the Detailed Engineering Design of each of the phased projects.  

Additional TOP Projects: Inside/Outside Plant Design

TOP Engineers was involved with a multi-phase, multi-discipline, fast-paced effort for the renovation of two existing buildings to serve as a call center for an international company. This project involved both Outside Plant  Design and Inside Plant Design.