Fiber To The Home - FTTH

Fiber To The Home for New Residential and Commercial Developments

TOP Engineers has engaged with an Internet Service Provider to produce detailed Fiber to the Home (FTTH) designs for proposed residential development. These designs are used to engage the Residential Developer to implement as they buildout neighborhoods. The design, implementation and engagement of FTTH are to be made in conjunction with the installation of all other supporting utilities for the development of new residential communities. 

Implementation of this project has drawn on TOP’s extensive knowledge of the Electric Distribution Overhead and Underground Standards. TOP was brought into the project for our experience with critical infrastructure in the Utility Industry, extensive experience with Fiber Infrastructure, and understanding of the NESC standards for Utility Pole contacts. TOP has a broad understanding across multiple disciplines and multiple industries that will ensure the entire concept will be thoroughly covered and proper resources will be applied. 

TOP has completed the implementation of the all FTTH projects brought to date.

Additional TOP Projects: Fiber Backbone

TOP Engineers provides design services to an electric utility organization for their critical communications infrastructure backbone.