Inside/Outside Plant Design and Implementation

Design and Implementation

TOP Engineers was involved with a multi-phase, multi-discipline, fast-paced effort for the renovation of two existing buildings to serve as a call center for an international company. This project involved both Outside Plant  Design and Inside Plant Design.

Outside Plant Design for the installation of connective pathways provided an inter-building route for fiber optic cable to be used both by the client for intra-company data and the by the owner for inter-building management systems. TOP used its extensive knowledge of the underground system to properly survey, identify route and conduit options and document for future design use. After the desired route was selected, TOP conducted the survey, design, and installation of the fiber optic cables.  Some manhole to manhole paths included the installation of Maxcell, a multi-envelope system for dense cable pulls, to maximize the flexibility for the owner to use in the future. Efficient use of the underground ducts, even by communications providers, is absolutely critical because the placement of a new duct bank is prohibitively expensive. TOP also designed the layout for the demarcation between outside plant and the internal low voltage wiring.

Inside Plant Design for the installation of structured wiring for data and telecom required the technical expertise necessary to properly design the low voltage structured wiring for Data and Telecom in a multi-disciplinary fast paced construction environment. TOP was responsible for consolidating the designs for other disciplines such as Security, Access Control, and Multi-media. Through collaboration and creative problem solving, TOP was able to play a key role in moving this project forward. TOP directed the services of a key subcontractor to provided installation of the Designs that TOP developed.  Schedule constraints, changes between disciplines, and physical obstacles were evaluated and addressed in a timely manner to make sure that the client obtained the desired outcome.  Unique circumstances that presented variations to the design included access from crawl spaces below the building to serve multi-dimensional uses on the floor above. TOP was able to overlay the infrastructure design to make sure the paths avoided critical facilities in the basement but still provided useful location for the desks on the first floor. 

TOP has completed the implementation of the Outside Plant Design and has provided all testing and documentation. TOP has completed the implementation of all Inside Plant Design required to date and has provided all testing and documentation.

Additional TOP Projects: Fiber to the Home

TOP Engineers has engaged with an Internet Service Provider to produce detailed Fiber to the Home (FTTH) designs for proposed residential development.