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TOP Engineers Plus offers a full spectrum of Communications Engineering services in the Electric Utility Industry. What makes TOP stand out in the industry is the unique connection between Technology, Operations and People.  We provide the latest technology that can be integrated seamlessly into critical infrastructure operations while maintaining a respectful and honorable relationship with people.  

TOP stands for Technology Operations People


Benefit your organization with the utilization of the best technology deployed with excellence, precision and professionalism. Confidently meet your critical infrastructure needs with the seamless integration of a robust solution. 


Implement, operate and maintain a viable system of infrastructure improvements with our support. Once the installation is completed, you will have the tools to independently manage the installation with strength and flexibility.


Profit from the decades of executive, technical, operational, field, critical sector and private business experience that TOP’s executive leadership and design team has to offer. Our own experiences enable us to recognize your organization’s challenges and goals and understand your unique perspective.

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