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TOP Engineers Plus is a Communications Engineering firm offering a full spectrum of services in the Electric Utility and Broadband Deployment industries. Communications Engineering is becoming increasingly critical in our digital society and its importance cannot be overstated. It plays a crucial role in connecting people and businesses across the globe and will only continue to expand as we become increasingly reliant on communication technology for our daily lives. Enhancements in critical infrastructure and broadband deployment are essential for thriving communities to support businesses, education, telehealth, and recreation. TOP Engineers Plus provides turnkey solutions for critical infrastructure improvements and broadband deployment, making a difference in supporting thriving communities.

TOP Engineers Plus makes a difference in the Utility Communication Engineering industry by turning complex challenges into simple, actionable solutions. TOP Engineers Plus possesses a thorough and personal understanding of the Utility Communications Engineering environment. Our familiarity and qualifications in the daily experience of each client positions TOP Engineers Plus to provide a quality of service that differentiates us in the industry. Our collective deep knowledge of every aspect of the Utility environment equips us to understand each aspect of a Communication Engineering project in the deployment of technology, the process development of operations and organizational alignment of people. The ability to personally identify with the challenges facing the engineer, the technician, or the executive empowers TOP Engineers Plus to provide strategic and specific solutions for our clients. Our Utility experience in the industry permeates our interactions, approach and solutions to offer robust services executed with excellence and professionalism. We understand the highly critical nature of the Utility Services that the client is tasked with providing and the communities those services impact. There is a myriad of factors that drive the workload, strategies and perspectives of each individual client. TOP Engineers Plus’s deep understanding of these factors positions us to approach a Communications Engineering project humbly and methodically to champion our client’s success. Our offer is to take our client’s very complex issues, deconstruct them into distinct actionable components that simplify the decisions that need to be made. The client can then proceed with confidence knowing that the path chosen is sound and actionable.

Our objective to transform the complex challenges our clients face into simple, actionable solutions is how TOP Engineers Plus differentiates itself in the industry. When a client is faced with project deliverables that have become entangled, delayed or bottle-necked, TOP Engineers Pus has the experience and resources to address complexities and identify actionable solutions to provide clarity, dislodge major obstacles and bring the project to fulfillment. Through simplifying these complex issues, we have developed a reputation of helping our clients sift through the noise and bring actionable strategies that support the decisions that are urgently needed. This enables effectiveness in the organization that translates directly to cost savings, time savings, and benefit realization.

Our methodology always begins with a gap analysis and collecting information to understand the variabilities of the project. We listen to the key stakeholders that have input and/or decision-making responsibility for the project being addressed. In compiling this information, we are able to understand the context, the overarching need, the obstacles and any opportunity to increase benefit realization. This approach dictates that each client is served individually with specificity to the Communications Engineering project at hand. In completing a thorough collection of the driving factors for a project, we can address obstacles strategically to provide deliverables in alignment with the client’s Master Plan and long-term strategies. We can then shift our focus to identifying opportunities to add value to optimize the client’s impact in providing products and services in a streamline fashion.

If a project requires a straightforward execution of applied technology, we are fully capable of reducing the burden of day-to-day tasks so that our clients can focus on the work only they can complete. This provides a margin in our client’s time to focus strategically on the business. Regardless of how complex or not complex a project or Task Order is, TOP Engineers Plus will complete the work to support the utility in its deployment of services that make a difference in the everyday lives of the utility members.

The next phase in our methodology is identifying the impact that a Communications Engineering project may have on the client organization itself. The organizational impact can be equally as important as the technical aspects of the project. When an organizational need arises out of the implementation of a particular project, TOP Engineers Plus’s extensive experience in Change Management related to large Communications Engineering initiatives and projects enables us to provide support in Process Alignment and Process Improvement. The method people are made aware of and included in the delivery of solutions can often be the success factor of the project. Ignoring the people component can often doom an initiative before it gets any traction. This is why a Communications Engineering project should have an additional element that considers Process Alignment or Process Improvement.

In identifying the Process Map for each service and understanding its deployment, we can support our clients meeting their infrastructure challenge with confidence and independence. The thorough development of the Process Map is a useful tool to highlight inefficiencies and create opportunities to reduce cost or reduce handoffs that represent waste. A focus on process enables a much greater degree of collaboration across an organization thereby reducing risk of failure and supports ownership that serves to strengthen the service provider’s relationships across the organization. This directly establishes a very useful flexibility in the organization which enables it to pivot more quickly when strategies evolve or the inevitable changing needs arise in a very dynamic and high-pressure environment.

We personally know what it takes to make the decisions, build the strategies, and the commitment to excellence required to effectively operate Utility Services in which the community’s well-being is fully dependent. Our decades of working in the trenches are key drivers in why we listen intently, understand deeply, humbly offer options, and strive to ‘Make a Difference’ with each client.