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What keeps you up at night? What are your most difficult challenges? How are you maximizing opportunities?

TOP Engineers Plus offers a FREE two-hour strategic plan review of your organization’s Communications challenges and opportunities within the categories of Technology, Operations, and People.






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Where is your Communications Engineering firm based out of?

We are based out of central Texas but we provide services all over United States.

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Are you a certified small business?

Yes! We are certified as Emerging Small Business Enterprise/Small Business Enterprise with the South Central Texas Regional Certification agency in Texas.

We are also certified as a Small Business Enterprise with the State of Tennessee.

What does the spinning top represent on your website and marketing materials?

The spinning top is a visual of the TOP in our name that represents Technology, Operations and People. TOP Engineers Plus is committed to making a difference in the Technology we provide, the Operation challenges we solve, and the People we serve. This is achieved by turning our client’s complex Communications Engineering challenges into simple, actionable solutions.

Can you adopt our Standards into the deliverable?

Yes! We can provide deliverables that fit exactly into the Standards that your company has established and in the format/software that you require. We take pride in our ability to understand your needs and make it easy to do business with TOP Engineers Plus.

How much experience does your company have in the Utility Industry?

Our leadership team alone has well over 100 years of combined experience. The depth of understanding related to the Utility Industry is a differentiator for TOP Engineers Plus. We possess a thorough and personal understanding of the Utility Communications Engineering environment. Our familiarity and qualifications in the daily experience of each client positions TOP Engineers Plus to provide a quality of service that differentiates us in the industry. Our collective deep knowledge of every aspect of the Utility environment equips us to understand each aspect of a Communication Engineering project in the deployment of technology, the process development of operations and organizational alignment of people. The ability to personally identify with the challenges facing the engineer, the technician, or the executive empowers TOP Engineers Plus to provide strategic and specific solutions for our clients.

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Which areas of the country do you serve?

We are able to provide Communications Engineering Service anywhere in the United States. We have partners that are Licensed to provide PE stamping of our work product and enable TOP Engineers to be a one-stop-shop.

Do you provide services internationally?

No, we do not provide services outside of the United States at this time.

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Do you have field survey crews?

Yes! Our TOP Engineers Plus field crews are experienced in Electric Distribution right-of-way contact surveying and communications site surveying. We also have trusted partners that are experienced in Lidar technology, use of drone technology, and can provide a wide diversity of solutions in the Utility Sector.

Can you provide a One-Stop-Shop for all Communications Services?

Yes! TOP Engineers Plus has developed trusted relationships that allow it to provide extensive Communications Engineering services across a vast number of disciplines.

Can you provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction?

Yes! TOP Engineers Plus is able to provide turnkey critical infrastructure solutions by engaging in the project as a Engineering, Procurement & Construction contractor – responsible for all aspects of the project, from initial design to final commissioning.

The EPC approach has become increasingly popular due to its ability to streamline the construction process and reduce costs. By having a single entity responsible for all aspects of the project, there is less room for miscommunication or delays between different parties.

One of the key benefits of EPC is that it allows for greater control over quality and safety standards. The EPC contractor can ensure that all materials and equipment used in the project meet strict specifications and are installed correctly.

What is involved in your development of a Master Plan?

A master plan is an essential tool for organizations and communities seeking to achieve long-term success. It enables them to develop a clear vision for the future while providing guidance on how best to allocate resources towards achieving their goals.

TOP’s development of a Communications Infrastructure Master Plan involves:

Functional Needs Assessment – We will identify current stakeholders/operators to determine use cases. We will interview stakeholders including executive, operators/users, technical support to determine key strategic drivers, the corporate vision and how technology can be an enabler.

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Technical Needs Assessment – TOP Engineers Plus will inventory the existing technology delivery platforms to assess current network architecture and suggest improvements as needed; assess physical architecture relating to reliability, route diversity, and strategies to minimize long outages either planned or incident related and assess splicing that drives architecture and determine accessibility needs.

Organizational Needs Assessment – TOP Engineers Plus will assess current support strategy and offer recommendations as needed. We will also address incident response, maintenance and support.

Assessment of Budgeted/Planned Projects – TOP Engineers Plus will assess each project with a stoplight chart as it relates to the vision – stop, continue, or delay for future implementation. TOP will then determine if the budget supports the vision and the phasing.

In the Summary Phase of the project, TOP Engineers Plus will perform a gap analysis to determine what it will take to achieve the vision. We will then develop an Infrastructure Roadmap defining the physical architecture and medium; a Technology Roadmap defining the logical transport; and an Organizational Roadmap. The Organization Roadmap will define management tools for Physical Network and for Logical Network as well as define support resources needed for both the internal corporate knowledge bank and the external interim expertise needs.

TOP will then distill all of the information gathered to date and apply their knowledge base and experience to develop the budget strategy to accomplish the goals defined and accepted during the process. A deliverable of a Communications Infrastructure Master Plan with Budgetary, Phasing and Implementation will be presented.

What is offered with your Free Strategic Plan Review?

TOP Engineers Plus offers a FREE two-hour review of your organization’s Communications Engineering challenges and opportunities within the categories of Technology, Operations, and People:

Technology – Planning, Implementation and Security

Operations – Tools and Documentation

People – Organizational Alignment and Process Engineering

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