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TOP Engineers Plus was created to make a difference in the world of Communications Engineering!  Our Team has decades of experience with Utilities responsible for our National Critical Infrastructure.  Whether it is Electricity, Gas, or Water, we have the expertise to help guide a successful pathway to implement wise technology decisions in these industries.

TOP Engineers Plus makes a difference in the Utility Communication Engineering industry by turning complex challenges into simple, actionable solutions. Our Team has decades of experience with Utilities responsible for our National Critical Infrastructure. Whether it is Electricity, Gas, or Water, we have the expertise to help guide a successful pathway to implement wise technology decisions in these industries.

TOP Engineers Plus is committed to making a difference in the Technology we provide, the Operation challenges we solve, and the People we serve. Our familiarity and qualifications in the daily experience of each client positions TOP Engineers Plus to provide a quality of service that differentiates us in the industry. Our objective is to offer services in such a manner that your experience with us will be one that is valued long after the project is completed.

Our approach to providing TOP Communications Engineering services is represented in the T.O.P. in our name:

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‘T’ for Technology:

Technology is at the forefront of every aspect of our lives today. We are confronted with massive amounts of data and stimulus that can be challenging to sort through. The proper use of or interpretation of this body of data has far reaching consequences when dealing with business choices that may impact performance, service architecture, and long-term viability. TOP Engineers Plus is positioned to bring clarity to the myriad of questions that our clients face. The decades of experience that TOP Engineers Plus can offer has been earned through real-world situations. We thrive on being handed the toughest problems, the most unique of challenges, as well as the ordinary tasks that need to be completed effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to efficiently fit into our client’s processes and lighten their load to the greatest extent possible in the development of turnkey technology solutions that are appropriate to client’s needs.

‘O’ for Operations:

TOP Engineers Plus has its roots in Communications Engineering for critical infrastructure Operations and understands the importance of no-compromise environments supporting real-time systems. The individuals on the frontlines of support services for utility organizations are the heroes/heroines who understand the system inside and out. These employees are the ones on call 24/7 and most likely one of the few go-to people that play a critical role in the implementation of a Communications Engineering project. The personnel that reside in Operations know all too well the effect of downtime to safety, their respective company’s service portfolio and of course, the bottom-line cost of outages. TOP Engineers Plus relishes the opportunity to make a difference in the Operations environment. We design to deepen redundancy, reliability, effectiveness, and make information readily available to the Operations personnel, impacting the resilience of our client at the most critical level. The subsequent effect is increased clarity of thought during incident management, drastically improved response time, and reduced restoration cycle times.

‘P’ for People

Our approach to People is two-fold in our consideration of how we interact with the people represented in our clients’ organizations and the people within the organization of TOP Engineers Plus.
Throughout our engagement with our client’s personnel, our objective is to facilitate collaborative communication and processes that support long-term relationship with the organization. Our team members are diligent in the process of developing clear and precise policies, guidelines and standards and communicating those concepts to each member of the project team. As issues or opportunities are presented that may impact design components, they will be evaluated, addressed, and documented. We firmly believe the manner in which we deliver services to our clients is every bit as important as the service itself.

Identity is an important concept whether you are talking about the individual or the organization as a whole. Often, TOP Engineers Plus will have the opportunity to help enable its clients to focus more on their real identity versus possibly being taken out of their game by aging technology or cumbersome processes.

The employees that work for the Utility that supports a fragmented and unplanned technology roadmap end up taking on stress in their lives that could be reduced through proper planning, project execution, and effective information management. Engaging with TOP Engineers Plus through integrated Communications Engineering services results in the client benefiting their employees in a significant way. Benefits can be realized through the implementation of new technology that has better management tools or greater reliability through diverse route protection. Our objective is that our efforts will positively impact the people that make up the client’s staff.

This philosophy and methodology in enhancing the quality of life of our client’s employees is first modeled within the organization of TOP Engineers Plus. We value the individual identity of our employees and seek to support their personal goals and desires. The goal of our organization is to maximize the potential of each individual resulting in a mutual benefit to the entire TOP Engineers Plus team.

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If an employee develops a skill set or portfolio that enables them to pivot in the industry leading them to depart TOP Engineers Plus, we value this as a “win” for our organization and are grateful for the mutual contribution to TOP Engineers Plus.

The perspective that each employee was created to make a difference supports an environment that encourages thinking outside of the box, pursuing creativity and developing unique solutions. We welcome our team members’ unique perspective and ability to approach complexities. Aside from supporting the development of our employees’ skillsets, we offer a competitive Benefits program. This is a clear differentiator that properly places the emphasis on people and allows us to grow and attract top talent. By investing the company’s resources in People, we can provide the best possible services to our clients.

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The ‘Plus’ or ‘+’ in our name is meant to be a wildcard. It is amazing the level of creativity that is born when a person becomes free to remove the constraints of corporate thinking, policy constraints, artificial limitations, and begin to think outside the box. This freedom creates an environment that is an incubator for new ideas, fresh applications, new inventions, and a limitless thought process that continually asks the question “What if?”
Our desire at TOP Engineers Plus is to bring inventions to reality. The same people that are experts in applying technology to critical infrastructure can also be the catalyst to the development of inventions. We can help with patent registration, prototype development, and the extensive documentation that goes along with that process. The relationships that we have with people who can build anything, fix anything, skilled in the use of complex craft processes are quite remarkable! Just as we bring our real-world experience into the process of simplifying complex Communications Engineering challenges, we are inspired by our firsthand experiences to foster ingenuity and inventions that can make a real and practical difference in people’s lives.

This vision is inspired by our company President and Owner, Stan Torvik’s, grandson, Caleb Criddle. Caleb was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis which affects the muscle development around his limbs, inhibiting his mobility. Caleb is a young boy and as he grows up he will need assistance with mobility and independence. He has had and will continue to have a series of operations that will position his joints for potentially walking someday. TOP Engineers Plus fostering creativity to support inventions that aid in providing freedom and independence to individuals, such as Caleb is the “plus” we desire to bring to fruition.

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