Our Client Engagement

TOP Engineers Plus is committed to making a difference in the Technology we provide, the Operation challenges we solve, and the People we serve.

TOP Engineers Plus’s method and approach in providing Communications Engineering services is just as important as the service itself. When a Communications Engineering challenge is brought to us, we take the appropriate time to investigate and develop solutions that are strategically useful and effective in addressing the issue at hand. This differentiation in approach is inspired by our team’s decades of experience in witnessing and receiving various delivery models.

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Whether your company has deep technical resources or may have less seasoned resources, we can support your needs in a way that delivers direct benefit and serves to enhance the capabilities and accomplishments of your organization. If your organization has deep technical resources, they will appreciate the services and methodology by which TOP Engineers Plus delivers its services. If your organization does not have a depth of technical resources, TOP Engineer Plus offers to train, grow and build the confidence of your personnel to support the initiatives they are responsible to execute.



TOP Engineers Plus operates with a quality of character that values and promotes integrity, trustworthiness, transparency, diligence and doing what is right in a professional manner. These qualities permeate every aspect of our endeavors as an organization internally and externally with our clients.

Our team’s commitment to these values drives our objective to assist our clients to the desired level that is necessary to accomplish the stated goals. Where other consultants may overly complicate an issue in order to ensure a very lengthy and costly engagement, TOP Engineers Plus provides straightforward Communications Engineering strategies to negate extending our engagement beyond its usefulness. Our goal is to simplify the very complex issues and distill the myriad of options down to discrete decision points to ensure that there is continuous forward movement.

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Stakeholder Involvement: We listen to the key stakeholders that have input and/or decision-making responsibility for the project being addressed. The time invested asking questions regarding who all needs to be involved in certain decisions brings about a very healthy discussion that serves to increase the potential success of the engagement. In compiling this information, we are able to understand the context, the overarching need, the challenges and obstacles and any opportunity to increase benefit realization. This approach dictates that each client is served individually with specificity to the Communications Engineering project at hand.

When an organizational need arises out of the implementation of a particular project, TOP Engineers Plus’s extensive experience in Change Management related to large Communications Engineering initiatives and projects enables us to provide support in Process Alignment and Process Improvement.

Technical Evaluation: Often there are multiple solutions that could be implemented for a particular client. TOP Engineers Plus can help to evaluate the client’s technical needs by doing a “technical needs assessment”. The resulting criteria can then be used to invite several solution providers to have them convey how to best satisfy the client’s technical requirements.


TOP Engineers can meet all of the different contract delivery models commonly used in current service delivery methods:

Request for Information

Identify pertinent information and data prior to the publication of a Communications Engineering Request for Proposal.


Requests for Qualifications

Demonstrate that TOP Engineers Plus has the qualifications to provide requested Communication Engineering services.

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Request for Proposal

TOP Engineers Plus uses this process to clearly differentiate itself from its competitors:

  • As a certified Small Business, we expend considerable effort to go above and beyond the basic requirement to demonstrate our capabilities and methodology to exceed the standards of our competitors.
  • Our experience has taught us that publishing a Request for Proposal is an investment of considerable effort, time and resources. Therefore, we painstakingly answer every single question and every single detail that the client has gone to the trouble of including in the Request for Proposal. We can do no less, as this honors the time and care the client has expended to give us the opportunity to bid on their projects.


Master Service Agreement

  • This is the most flexible and beneficial arrangement for the Client. It requires a prequalification followed by a definition of services requested.
  • The Master Service Agreement does not guarantee any work. However, when work is needed, the normal process to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Contract is already done and in place. This allows the Client to issue a Task Order or a Work Order for which TOP Engineers Plus can then submit an Cost Estimate. If the Cost Estimate is acceptable, then the Client issues a release on the Task Order and work can commence very quickly.


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC or Design Build)

  • Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) is a project delivery method that involves the design, procurement, and construction of a project by a single entity. TOP Engineers Plus is able to provide turnkey critical infrastructure solutions by engaging in the project as a EPC contractor – responsible for all aspects of the project, from initial design to final commissioning.
  • The EPC approach has become increasingly popular due to its ability to streamline the construction process and reduce costs. By having a single entity responsible for all aspects of the project, there is less room for miscommunication or delays between different parties. TOP Engineers Plus is currently using this methodology for multiple Clients.
  • One of the key benefits of EPC is that it allows for greater control over quality and safety standards. The EPC contractor can ensure that all materials and equipment used in the project meet strict specifications and are installed correctly.
  • TOP Engineers Plus has developed deep and trusted relationships in the Electric Utility and Critical Infrastructure Industry that supports our ability to provide a whole host of service delivery options. If TOP Engineers Plus does not have internal resources to meet the Client’s needs, we can reach out to trusted relationships so that TOP Engineers Plus can be the “One-Stop-Shop” for all the Client’s needs.
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