Stanford Torvik launched Top Engineers Plus in the spring of 2018. His vision was to create a Communications engineering firm that provides the latest and greatest technology to empower his clients to be the best they could be in the sector of electrical utilities and Communications. This ever-evolving industry has high demands and requires strength and Independence while maintaining respect and honor. under the leadership of Stanford he has expanded the company and brought individuals who have added to the extensive experience and expertise of this company

Stanford himself is an experienced executive with a demonstrative history of working in a telecommunications industry field. he is skilled highly in fiber optic technology and he is killed in strategic planning and his skilled in team building and his skilled and microwave Engineering. he’s also very skilled into the communications. he has 38 years of experience under his belt expanding from his entry level engineering position all the way to the executive level where he was responsible for strategic technical directions for a company that had a billion dollars worth of engineering. well equipped with this vast knowledge he was able to set out and start Top Engineers Plus.

A team is crucial in order to sustain any Venture so Stan built the team with Decades of experience to take on the most complex and challenging projects within the fiber optic technology team building into the communications industry. over the course of his career, he established relationships throughout the industry on the basis of mutual collaboration and I value of four supporting one another’s effort to be successful in the industry. he wants to promote others and it’s not solely in this for promoting himself but wants to take people along with him and see them prosper as well

Stan really leads the way when it comes to hisTop Engineers Plus strategically and advisory as he contributes his expertise and development and implements the overall vision of his massive company. His team is derived from many fascinating experts in their fields such as Robert. This individual provides outside plant design leadership and is an expert at offering Services until the communication industry. He is a member of The Advisory team and contributors for teens and planning to the design board as well as operational management. he offers continuity in oversight to meet the needs of his clients

It doesn’t stop there. There are others like the lead engineer Paul who was the season leader in engineering and planning. He demonstrates leadership in the design of telecommunication projects from their concept all the way to installation. He provides very high quality control and beneficial oversight while delivering detailed design to meet client needs. You can find out more about this amazing lineup of crew when you visit the website or give us a call at 210-944-8670 to be put in touch with our fine Personnel that you can find nowhere else. we are not called top for no reason.

Top Engineers Plus | Manage constructively

Here at Top Engineers Plus we are proud to offer effectively and efficiently our engineering procurement construction. this system is a project delivery method used in the electrical utility industry. and we are pleased for you to understand and very happy to bring to you this single entity that involves the design and construction of a project. it is a turnkey critical infrastructure solution that is responsible for all aspects of the project from initial design to final Commission. we are very confident in this approach as we have been doing it for a long time.

One of the key benefits of the engineering procurement Construction system is that it allows the user for greater overall control regarding the quality and regarding the safety standards that are necessary to be in compliance with regulation. the contractor of such method can ensure that all the materials and equipment used in the development of the project meet strict and specific guidelines that are properly installed correctly.

This highly professional and Incredibly efficient team is proud to Bring and deliver to you a wide variety and plethora of our unique and custom services that no one around us offering. these services include but are not limited to asset inventory fiber backbone and plant design implementation. Top Engineers Plus we’ll use this is extensive knowledge of the underground system to properly survey identify and reroute the conduit options and document them for future design use. inside plant design for the installation of structured wiring for data Telecom required the technical expertise necessary to properly design the low voltage structure wiring for a multidisciplinary fast-paced environment. You may be asking yourself and wondering how all this is possible but this company is able to bring you the multidiscipline such as security access control and multimedia because of its extensive expert

visit the company website to find out even more and being enlightened thus further about our Network database program where we select and provide content for comprehensive circuit inventory database platforms. we are happy to inform you and please that you are finding out about us and cannot wait to service your area and your needs in the communications utilities industry covering Gas Electric and others like it. We have many successful projects under our bills such as the installation of a 97 Mi long fiber into 26 substations.

This company is able to establish foundational processes to report the status and reflect any issues that may come up while offering communication Forum to the client in order to address challenges that could affect the scope of the project and possibly have bearing on the schedule and on the budget. as issues or opportunities present themselves in a rise this company is able to see what impact this may have on the design components and evaluate and address them with extensive detailed accurate documentation for the customer who is utilizing our service. get on top today with our company. This will really help you to get the work done.