TOP Engineers brings a compelling portfolio of service capability and organizational maturity. The principal staff has decades of experience with every aspect of fiber design on every kind of structure or medium imaginable. These experiences span facilities from power plants, substations, and control centers to congested mega-city underground vaults to extensive planning, ordering and execution of high-end residential Fiber to the Home developments.  The longevity in the industry and the specific discipline focus bears out that TOP is eminently qualified.

Our multi-faceted Communications Engineering experience positions us to approach the energy and telecommunications industry projects creatively and ingeniously to maximize the resources allocated to critical infrastructure projects. Our team is committed to providing turnkey design, implementation and management solutions to critical infrastructure that empowers our clients to serve their current members with excellence while also ensuring the capability to embrace future challenges with confidence.

TOP has extensive Communications Engineering experience across a diversity of clients that it draws from to apply to the projects at hand. TOP calls upon the experience and abilities of each member of our team to bring their specific area of expertise into the process and to ensure that the services provided are in alignment with the goals of the project. Our team members are diligent in the process of developing clear and precise policies, guidelines and standards and communicating those concepts to each member of the project team. As issues or opportunities are presented that may impact design components, they will be evaluated, addressed and documented. We firmly believe the manner in which we deliver services to our clients is every bit as important as the service itself. 

TOP Engineers Plus has the resources, decades of experience, and the motivation to help your organization confidently meet its critical infrastructure needs and be advantageously positioned for the future.